She's very large at 30"X40" and by far, my personal favorite since I've begun The Blue Woman series. I love the color choices and the strange and interesting things that emerged in the background. I merely painted what I saw. She is for sale, although I will miss her, I need to make some money this year. If you are going to pick her up, the price is $500.00. USD If I need to ship her the price is $750.00 USD. Please contact me if you would like to purchase her and you are going to pick her up.

Recently, a little brown and gray squirrel has taken up residence on my windowsill. Apparently, he has found the big flower pot, a perfect abode. Along with fresh water, seed everyday and sometimes fruit, pasta and peanut butter crackers, I can't say that he's made a bad choice for a home at all. 

The only thing that worries me is he is on the third floor of a very tall 100 year old building. The drop to the ground would probably kill a person, not sure about a squirrel though. I just hope he's flexible. When my grandson comes over to visit, he likes to bang on the window and this frightens the poor little thing and it looks to me as if he runs right over the ledge. Well my grandson is not yet two years old and I actually think he's trying to tell the squirrel that the seed is for the birds, because that is what I told him. Early in the morning, we had been sitting silently, watching the birds eat the seed and later in the day I turned and looked just as he had grabbed a handful of seed from the bag and stuffed it into his mouth. I said, "Oh no! that seed is for the birds Charlie!" So, I guess this is what he is telling the squirrel.

I thought he had been burying his nuts and things for the winter in a big flower pot that sits on my window sill. Then I noticed the pot's appearance to be changing. He was adding more and more things to it such as, branches, leaves and even a dryer sheet. It seems he is a classy squirrel. Yesterday, I thought maybe he wasn't just hiding his nuts and berries, maybe he "lived" in the pot. So this morning I decided to find out. I got video footage of him, in the pot before he before he awoke. See the video below and I will keep you posted on further development of this story.

I have recently resurrected the Blue Woman series, having done the first painting way back in March of 2007. Blue Woman #1 "Unsung" now has four sisters, but not any one that quite looks like Blue Woman #5. I like the direction in which Blue Woman is evolving, although not all of you will. I understand that perfectly, as art is very subjective. I have promised the buyers of the first four, if they would like to add to their collection, one of the "old style" blue women, I will accommodate. However, for my soul and my own growth as an artist, I must continue exploring the evolution of The Blue Woman and see where it takes me. I have a feeling it's going to be a fun and wild ride, so I'm just gonna relax, have fun and hold on. 

Blue Woman #5 "A Weed is Just a Flower Out of Place" is now for sale in my shop under Available Art.