I have decided to try my hand at drawing with charcoal on newsprint. I really like the way it looks and I think it's also a bit forgiving. This is a guy I know on YouTube. He is called "HelloRodney". He is just an ordinary guy living in the desert of New Mexico, making art and videos. He talks about everything from eating too much ice cream (a man after my own heart) to politics and sports. Right now Tim Tebow is one of his favorite players. I found this newspaper article about the football player and decided to do a portrait of HelloRodney using it as a background. Apropos.  He shows us the beautiful landscape surrounding his house with the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and at this moment, the big snow they have out west. Then  back inside his humble abode to warm up by his fire. If you feel like listening to a normal person tell about his daily life with no bells and whistles, watch this guy. He is definitely entertaining and humorous to boot. Wait...did I say no bells and whistles?  Sometimes there are bells and sometimes there are whistles. Occasionally drums and some singing. Mostly, just a regular old guy who isn't afraid to talk about the things that most people just think about. If you happen to be a troll or a hater, don't bother stopping on Rodney's channel, keep surfing because, like me, he doesn't  play that game. We delete and block and move on.