Before the time of Internet Dating Sites, I worked for a company called MatchMaker International. I was the public relations director and "THE" matchmaker. I really enjoyed working for this company and I made many good matches and had several marriages and a few engagements before I resigned.

I have tons of funny and happy stories from that chapter in my life but the one I want to talk to you about today is about the height of men. Yes, you read that correctly. The height of men. Before I worked at MatchMaker Internatonal, I was unaware that all men were at least six foot tall. Some 6'1", some 6'2" or 6'3". It's true. Whenever a man would fill out his membership card which of course, asked all these personal questions so that the matchmaker could match people appropiately, he was always six foot tall or over. Not one single man was anything below six foot, even though I am 5' 7", and some of those men were shorter than me when they came into my office for their initial interview. 

I was reminded of this innate feature of the male personality when my 20 month old grandson was visiting me this weekend. I noticed that he was much heavier than he was at his last visit. I decided to mark his height against the last time I measured him when he was just 14 months old. I stood him up straight against the wall near the first pencil mark. When I tipped his chin up to make sure his head was straight and put my pencil on his head, he raised up a few inches. I was trying to figure out what was happening, when I stopped and stood him back against the wall again. Same thing. He got taller when he felt the pencil on his head. When I looked down at his feet, the little bugger was on his tippy toes! YES he was! I started to laugh so hard, I almost fell over.

How do they know to do this at such a young age? I don't know for certain but, I suppose it's just in the genes, the same type of genes that caused all the women who signed up for Matchmaker Interntional to weigh a mere 110 lbs.