Well people, it's almost spring and I decided to get a jump start cleaning so this year I began in March instead of April.
   This year I really wanted to go deep and downsize and purge. I tend to be somewhat of a pack rat and if I don't curtail these tendencies you may see me on the t.v. reality show "Hoarders" at some point. So really digging in, I've started with my bedroom, drawers, closets and scary things under the bed. I'm happy to say the bedroom has finally been completed, taking me a total of three entire days. 
   I mean to tell you, I actually put my hands on every single thing that has been living in my bedroom for two years. Future art projects stuck in boxes, stashed under the bed, photos that I was going to scan into my computer, little pieces of the past that I cannot bring myself to toss. Of course there were other normal items such as the mess on my desktop, vanity table and the top of my dresser--all completely covered in bits and pieces of this and that...You know the drill. I'll put-this-here-for-now-and-get-back-to-it-later kind of stuff. And later may come or not...or it's much later than was anticipated! 
   Going through this stuff was a difficult and slow process. I kept stumbling upon things I wanted to read, such as this little note written by my now, 33 year old daughter, made when she was just in kindergarten. WOW. The tears started to flow, because she is now living in Florida, all alone. Well of course I had to stop what I was doing and immediately give her a call her. I had to tell her all about my finding it, tell her how much I loved her and how much I missed her when she is not with me too! What was funny is that she said I had already told her about this piece of artwork nearly a year ago. I wonder if Alzheimer's is setting in? I must have found it during my spring cleaning last year too. (LOL) So, this little artwork is one of the things dear to my heart and I will never be able to toss it. I'll just have to find a permanent home for it, instead of letting it live inside my dresser drawer. There are lots of little things like this that need new homes. That's one of the reasons it took me so long to "clean". 
   I have discovered that deep spring cleaning is good for the soul as well as the mind and body. It gives one a chance to look into the past, take care of the now and look forward to the future. It's like a working vacation from everyday life. It is a mini-journey of sorts. 
   The old fountain that my daughter mailed me from Florida sat in the box in which she mailed it, taking up Mollie's precious floor space. The same with the Fire God Mask and the lawn chairs. Mollie and I fighting over the path in the carpet every time we needed to move around in the clutter.  The boxes had to be unpacked and discarded. I had to find a home for the items inside, as the clutter  was driving me insane.

   Now, the lovely fountain bubbling like a brook, the curtains washed and smelling like Downy, along with the clean and inviting bed clothes, the furniture polished, the desktop in order, the closets purged discarded clothing ready for the Goodwill, the windows clear, shedding a new light into the room, the carpets vacuumed--no lint in site. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Wow, what a wonderful feeling. Ready for spring, ready to face the new year with a clear mind and a clean---Oh crap, wait a minute, that's just one room, I've still four more rooms to go! Dang. Oh well. Who knows what surprises and blessings will come when I get to the rest of the house! I'm off to discover what lies waiting for me now.