I am working hard to lose the weight I've gained over the winter and since I quit smoking on March 10, 2011. I started out slow, just walking to the end of my street and back. Then I challenged myself to walk up THE HILL. THE HILL is very, very steep and took my breath away. It was a struggle and I thought I was going to have a heart attack the first few times I did it. It took 15 minutes to get 3/4 of the way to the top. I turned around and came back down and that gave me 1/2 hour walk per day. Now I have graduated to walking all the way to the top of the hill and going window shopping once I get to the top. There are lot of little shops and different sites to see. Usually a lot of people walking to and fro and I love people watching! Next, I began walking four miles every other day, which takes me exactly to my grocery, so I pick up my dinner while I'm there. Carrying the extra weight on the way back is a great way to tone upper arms and back muscles. I should tell you that I don't get very much stuff at once from the grocer. I learned my lesson the hard way. One day I had over shopped. I had my over the shoulder satchel full plus two plastic grocery bags.  Let me just tell you, the bags get heavier with each and every step. By the time I was ¾ of the way home, my fingertips had turned purple from the plastic bags digging into them, I thought I was going to bust a disc in my lower lumbar region and I was ready to ask a total stranger for a ride home. LOL!  So now I buy very little, but that's okay because then I eat very little as well. 

My very latest escapades include walking four miles every day and walking at the zoo. The Cincinnati Zoo is a wonderful place to walk for exercise with the added pleasure of getting to see the animals, I am in heaven. A great place to walk for weight loss because the Zoo has lots of ups and downs, little and larger hills and valleys. As long as I can stay away from the junk food venders and the ice cream man, I'm in business!